Ice T brands Kanye West Yeezy 2 collection as ‘future slave clothes’

Despite the lukewarm cheap sexy clothes reception, scores of Kanye West fans are already clambering to get their hands on items from the rapper’s second Yeezy season two collection with Adidas. Rapper Ice T will not be joining them.

West showcased his  collection at New York Fashion Week in front of a star-studded crowd that included the likes of Vogues Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Drake and Courtney Love – but his latest foray into fashion failed to impress critics with many slating the line as mediocre.

“Kanye a genius I  can’t lie but that man really has y’all dressing like you’re homeless or you belong on the set of the Walking Dead,” one critic said.

Within hours Ice T tweeted his disdain of the All Day hit-maker’s designs, claiming that it was only fit for slaves. Sharing a snap of the five models dressed in a range of black and green outfits from the rapper’s first collection, Yeezy Season 1, which debuted back in February, he wrote: “Kanye’s fashion show stuff looks like future Slave gear to me… Just sayin,” he wrote next to it.

He added: “I’m not POP… so I speak freely,” he continued in another tweet. When a follower asked him for his thoughts on “POP,” the artist replied, “It’s manufactured.. Lacks heart and soul.” Oof!

Although the images were months old, the timing of his tweet suggested that the hip hop star and actor was referring to West’s latest collection. Ice T, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, insisted that he was only just being honest. West has not responded to his comments but considering his previous epic rants, it looks like we may have another feud on our hands.

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Hundreds of Bangladesh garment workers who make clothes for Zara

Hundreds of  garment workers in Bangladesh have been sacked after demanding higher wages and launching demonstrations. More such action is expected against workers from several factories in Ashulia, a suburb near capital Dhaka, from where clothes for big Western brands such as Zara, Gap and H M are produced.

More than 1,600 workers, who were part of the plus size womens clothes protests which led to a week-long shutdown, have been terminated at dozens of factories. Tens of thousands of such garment workers took to the streets in the manufacturing hub of Ashulia demanding nearly triple their current wages – which is 5,300 taka (£54, $67) per month. The wages were last raised in November 2013.

“The number is expected  to rise,” said Mostafizur Rahman, a local leader. However, the Bangladesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation pegged the sacked number at about 3,500.

The protests that began when 121 workers were removed from work gradually snowballed into demonstrations seeking better wages. Bangladeshi authorities said the rallies were illegal and arrested dozens of demonstrators. One reporter who is known to extensively cover the wage problem in the industry has also been arrested by the police for “inciting unrest”.

Several lawmakers and officials attempted to hold talks with the protesters but their efforts were in vain. The protests had led to 55 factories shutting down on 20 December despite the upcoming busy shopping season due to Christmas and New Year.

“All the factories have resumed their operations. Some 90% of the workers have joined work. Around 1,500 workers have been sacked [by the owners]. The owners have filed five cases against the unruly workers,” senior police official Nur Nabi told AFP.

This is not the first time the $30bn-worth industry – a key contributor to the Bangladeshi economy and employment – is facing serious trouble. The garment sector is often accused of poor pay and working conditions. The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in 2013 in which over 1,100 workers were killed has only intensified the outrage.

cheap plus lingerie show sporty women are

Team GB cheap plus lingerie in lingerie Brit beauties peel off to show sporty women are sexy too

Bryony Shaw, Amber Hill and Stefanie Reid have ditched their kit to show that sporty women can be sexy too.

Swapping their typical sports attire for racy black lingerie, trio Bryony, Amber and Stef posed in their undies to encourage school girls not to worry about their bodies.

The girls, who are gunning for gold at Rio next month, hope their #bestrongbebeautiful campaign with Bluebella will encourage more girls to stick with sport.

Their saucy shoot comes as body image is fast becoming one of the biggest stumbling blocks for female athletes.

The startling results showed that girls start to feel self-conscious about their bodies by the age of 14 – with just one in ten of girls continuing to do physical exercise.

More worryingly, 75 per cent of girls agreed that body image had a part to play in their decision to quit sport because they are “self-conscious of their bodies”.

Paralympian long jumper Stef, 32, who showed off her toned figure in a matching black bra and knickers, told how confidence comes within and is not something you can fake.

Stef, who lost her right foot in a boating accident aged 16, said in a video for the campaign:

“For me strong is beautiful because it speaks on a quiet inner confidence. It tells a lot about being strong. Strength doesn’t come from circumstances around them. You can’t fake it. it’s something that you have to live out every single day.”

Her fellow model, windsurfer Bryony Shaw, 34, won bronze in 2008 – the first ever women’s windsurfing medal for the Olympic team.

Bryony, who dared to bare in a cut-out mesh corset, said she was finally happy with the skin she was in.

Bryony said: “I love looking at my body now. I am really proud to show it off with sleeveless tops and bras.”

Skeet shooter cheap plus lingerie Amber Hill, 20, who became the sport’s youngest winner aged just 15, surely knows more than anyone else the pressures of body image while in sport.



cheap plus lingerie Love Affair With Colors

Lingerie and a Love Affair With Colors

No matter what cheap plus lingerie you are shopping for, your first concern will always be to buy stuff that will compliment your features and make you look good. And it is no different when it comes to lingerie. After all, nothing can make you look quite as sexy and captivating as good lingerie. So how do you decide what color on lingerie will bring out the best in you?

In choosing the ideal lingerie color, it is important to take into consideration your skin tone, the shade of your eyes, as well as your hair color. These factors play a crucial role in determining your look, and if you want to carry off a particular style it is essential to wear colors that will compliment your natural appearance.

Let’s start with hair colors. While majority of women will be able to pull off basic colors like black, white, and beige, there are some colors that work especially well with certain hair tints. Blondes, for instance, look good in pastels. The light hair is perfectly flattered by light colored lingerie. On the other hand, black lingerie will make them look superbly sensuous. Brunettes look great in reds and blues, while greens, blues, and earthy tones are ideal for redheads. Those of you with black hair can safely carry off lingerie in almost every color.

Eye color is another determining factor when it comes to selecting lingerie. One very safe way to choose colors is by buying lingerie in the exact same shade as your eyes. For instance, green eyed women can never go wrong with lingerie in shades of green, just the same way that those with blue eyes will look their subtle best in blue lingerie. On the other hand, contrasting colors can work wonders as well. Purple will look great with blue eyes, and green with hazel eyes. To bring out the depth and appeal of dark brown eyes, use colors like black, metallic gold, or silver.

Skin color is, among all these, the most important factor to be considered. Pale complexion goes well with warm colors like red, orange, and hot pink. The more vivid the color, the better. Pastel shades, as a result, are a strict no-no for pale skin. Fair skin tone, on the other hand, looks great in black, yellow, red, white, hot or pastel pink, icy blue, and silver. Sheer lingerie also looks great on this skin color. If you have a darker skin tone, it is best to go with lingerie in colors like dark blue or green. You can try a bold look with red or black lingerie. In addition, dark skinned women look stunning in sterling white, silver, and gold lingerie. Jewel tones work great with this skin color as well.

The best thing cheap plus lingerie about lingerie is the way it lets you turn on your imagination and creativity. When it comes to experimentation, you can go all out and try different styles in different shades. In fact, it’s a great idea to have a little fun by playing around with colors. Try shades you’ve never dared to wear before. Remember that it’s all about confidence. So create your own style and flaunt it!

cheap plus lingerie 2017 ends with promise

Hong Kong cheap plus lingerie Mode Lingerie 2017 ends with promise

Organized by Eurovet, the world’ leading French lingerie and beachwear trade show organizer with over 20 years of experience, the third Hong Kong Mode Lingerie which was held on April 7-8, 2009 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre marked a successful finale.

The Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2017 provided the best sourcing platform for buyers and exhibitors around the world showcasing specialized lingerie aspects with the highest quality. This year there were 33% of supplier showcasing fabrics, 18% accessories, 18% lace, 13% embroideries for lingerie and beachwear and 8% OEM/ODM. Over 150 exhibitors from 14 countries participated in this largest lingerie show in the industry in Hong Kong this year. Among these 150 exhibitors, 33% came from China, 28% from Hong Kong, 17% from Asia and 22% from all around the world.

The Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2009 was for visitors from the intimate apparel industry only and it attracted 3,614 visitors. Despite the current economic situation, the figures of exhibitors as well as visitors were stable and encouraging. The attendance was of the best quality with 70% visitors were general managers, heads of purchasing department as well as buyers joining the fair.

It was proven that the Hong Kong Mode Lingerie was a major international sourcing event for visitors. Mr. Philippe Moustard, Senior Vice President and Industrial Managing Director of Chantelle, said after the exhibition,”Coming to this trade fair is the only way of seeing 15 suppliers at once, that is completely impossible otherwise.”

The top six visiting countries are: China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. There were first-time visitors attending the Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2009 from Cambodia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan and Tunisia.

Hong Kong cheap plus lingerie Mode Lingerie 2017 ended with successful and promising resultsAn extensive program of seminars and conferences were organized by Eurovet during the Hong Kong Mode Lingerie at which the upcoming lingerie trends, in-depth market updates, business intelligence and latest technologies were decoded for both participating buyers and exhibitors. The two noteworthy seminars were well-attended –”From OEM to ODM to OBM: an update of what is an OEM today and how they evolve”in which the speakers shared their experience in the evolution of OEM and review on the impact of OEM, ODM and OBM on company’ development as well as”Technology and Charm: how to combine both elements”at which topics of how to create products with design charm with environmental responsible solutions were discussed.

cheap plus lingerie A Woman’s Secret Weapon

Hot cheap plus lingerie: A Woman’s Secret Weapon

Have you ever worn hot lingerie? Would you say often, sometimes or never? If the answer is never then you’re missing out on a ‘secret weapon.’ If you sometimes do, or are already a big fan of hot lingerie then this article might give you more insight into your favorite sexy clothing!

Let’s hear from some very different girls that already know how to use this secret weapon:

Jessica, 29, who has several sets of hot lingerie, talks about how it benefited her relationship:

“I love wearing hot lingerie! Usually I like something that feels soft and is comfy. The price doesn’t matter much as long as it’s comfortable, for example, lace should feel like another skin, close-fitting and soft. My favorite is an all-lace white lingerie bra, panty and suspender set bought just before last Valentine’s Day. It sets off my skin tone really well.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s easy for a couple to get stuck in a rut and then they will end up taking things for granted. We had! Actually there are quite a number of tricks for a woman to keep her man interested and mine is wearing hot lingerie. With it I can turn my man on easily and most of the time I have to pretend the lingerie’s in the wash as he asks me to wear it every time!”

Debra, 33, used to be a conservative housewife and didn’t have the confidence to try lingerie:

“It is not until my best friend Barbara persuaded me to try it last year that I started to enjoy hot lingerie. Until then I’d always been rather quiet and like a mouse. My friends noticed a change in me after I started wearing quite daring sexy lingerie. Of course they couldn’t see what I was wearing under my clothes, but I really believe that it gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel sexy!”

“I remember the first time my husband found the hot lingerie drying in the airing cupboard and he was so shocked and excited that he asked me to wear it right away! From then on, he’s been very glad to go shopping with me which miraculous! When we come to a lingerie store he even doesn’t feel awkward to go inside and gives me advice on which to buy!”

Alice, 27, once thought hot lingerie was not for her as she felt she was too overweight to look sexy in it:

“I’m not saying it was bad. It was just because I felt I was overweight, so I believed hot lingerie would never work for me.”

“I bought my first piece because when I passed the store, I saw that the sets of lingerie were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist buying one. It was a lacey corset which seemed quite simple, but in fact it had magic!”

“It made me look cheap plus lingerie slimmer and showed off one of my strengths, my smooth, tanned skin. Let me tell you that my boyfriend couldn’t have loved me more, and this is exactly what he said. It also spurred me on to start to work out to lose weight. God knows that I do this because I want to make hot lingerie look even hotter on me! I’ve got the lingerie bug!”

cheap plus lingerie Latest Lingerie Collection

We Want Every cheap plus lingerie Item In Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection

Ashley Graham is back with another lingerie collection. The model-turned-designer partnered with Canadian brand Addition Elle to create a lingerie line catering to women size 12-24. And they are the kind of sizzlingly sexy numbers that will spice up any boudoir.

This is not the first time the multi-tasking model has collaborated with Addition Elle. According to InStyle, this is actually her fifteenth! Her first collection with the brand was released back in 2014. In an interview with 5 Minutes With Franny around the time of her first collaboration with Canadian, lingerie company, Graham had this answer to anyone who describes her as plus-size. “Although the fashion industry has dubbed me a plus size’ model, I like to be referred to as a model. I don’t care what you call me, I know who I am and I am very proud of it.”

This time around, her collection is a beautiful combination of glamorous and wearable. It is sexy in the small details and comfort-oriented in its overall design. Modeled by Ashley Graham herself, the items and the promotional photos are gorgeous.

In a promotional cheap plus lingerie video for the collection, Graham shared her vision and who she imagined would be shopping it. “I think today, the woman who is wearing my lingerie is every woman. She’s not defined by a size; she’s not defined by a class; she’s not defined by race or age; she’s defined by herself,” Graham said.

cheap plus lingerie on show at Hong Kong Mode Lingerie

Invista innovations cheap plus lingerie on show at Hong Kong Mode Lingerie

Invista, one of the world’ leading producers of integrated fibres and polymers, is exhibiting a series of innovations at this week’ Hong Kong Mode Lingerie held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from April 7-8, 2009, along with its key mill customers from intimate apparel and swimwear.

In addition to exhibiting its innovations such as Lycra 2.0 garment technology, Lycra Xtra Fine Collection fibre, Lycra freshFX fabric and Xtra Life Lycra fibre, the company will also present its new environmental framework ‘Planet Agenda’. Through this exhibition, Invista says it continues to introduce innovations to the textile industry, bringing added value to customers throughout the apparel value chain. Invista says it is certainly more vital than ever, as customers look for advantages to help them weather the significant current economic challenges.

This will be the fifth time Invista has cooperated with Eurovet in Mode Lingerie, where the company’ main theme will be ‘Seduction’ with several new Lycra products, including the brand-new innovation Lycra 2.0 tape being on show.

Lycra 2.0 tape provides bonded hems, bands, and seams for garments that stretch and recover in response to body’ movements. It enables the design of a garment which reduces undergarment lines associated with bulky narrow elastics, providing wearers of intimate apparel with sleek, smooth, all-day fit. As the first product of this innovation, Lycra 2.0 tape can exert less compression on the body during wear than bulky narrow elastics, and extend the durability of a garment. A recent design contest challenged student designers from all around the world to use Lycra 2.0 tape to demonstrate the new design possibilities created by this innovative new product. It is the first in a full-line of new products planned from the Lycra 2.0 garment technology platform.

Invista will also show its Lycra Xtra Fine Collection fibre or ‘second skin’ which, provides a feeling of refinement, elegance with style in a range of weights from 120 gram/m² or less, which are designed to give wearers a feeling of well-being and lightness, via ‘barely there’intimates.

Invista’ Lycra freshFX fabric helps to keep wearers fresh, carefree and confident, the company says. Wicking fabrics with quick dry benefits are created with nylon fibre with a unique four-channel capillary cross-section. Invista claims that it not only helps transfer moisture and dries quickly, but also has an exceptionally soft hand.

Also on display in Hong Kong this week is the company’ Xtra Life Lycra fibre which, the company says, delivers beautiful, long-lasting fit that counters the curse of ‘bag and sag’. According to Invista, Xtra Life Lycra fibre also resists chlorine and other pool chemicals, allowing garments to keep their shape 5 to 10 times longer than unprotected elastic fibre.

cheap plus lingerie wears lingerie to the gym

Mariah Carey cheap plus lingerie wears lingerie to the gym because she’s Mariah Carey

Just over a month after Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance fiasco, the singer is clearly shaking off the negativity with a workout at the gym

The mother of twins wore a black leotard, fishnets, perhaps channeling a modernized version of Olivia Newton-John’s throwback classic, “Let’s Get Physical” video. She also wore a varsity jacket with a pair of stiletto heeled boots

In addition to her risqué videos, she shared provocative pictures of herself on an elliptical machine as only Carey would do

We can only cheap plus lingerie imagine the looks from fellow gym-goers. But hey, it’s “Mariah’s World” and we’re all just living in it


cheap plus lingerie-The Woman in Sexy Lingerie

The Power of cheap plus lingerie The Woman in Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is a gift that a woman can give herself, as well as, a gift that she receives from a man. Lingerie has always been connected to the soul and sexual side of a woman, and it actually is. Lingerie makes the woman feel comfortable and sexy and at her most. And, lingerie is enticing for the man. There is something very elegant about the soft, satin or silk that makes both the woman feel like a woman, and the man wanting to be next to the woman. Lingerie can, and should, be worn any day of the week, not just on special occasions.

Lingerie comes in all styles, shapes, colors and sizes. It is not just for the sexy body that does not have a love handle here or there. It is for the voluptuous woman, as well. There are no rules when it comes to lingerie, and Sexy lingerie is definitely the key to a night of comfort and a night of pleasure.

Sexy lingerie does not stop at night ware. It also can be sexy costumes, which can be more than a night of enjoyment. Suppose you’d like to greet your man and be the bunny of his dreams for the evening, you might have a fully prepared dinner and a candle lite table set, with the sexiest bunny costume attire, just to let him know that he is cared and will be cared for.

Sexy lingerie shopping doesn’t need to be intimidating. In fact, it can be done on the net. In fact, sexy lingerie is best found on the net for many different reasons. First, the selection is great, and second there most often is a discount given. This is a great way to get the styles and sizes, as well as, colors that you want.

When you cheap plus lingerie begin your search for lingerie online, it will not be difficult, and you will find that with one simple search using the keyword “sexy lingerie” you will receive many results. You will however have specific things that you should look for in an online lingerie shop that will let you know that the shop is reputable.